Rolling mill Equipments

MEKA MACHİNE Rolling Mill Stands are manufactured in 3 different groups.
•  Preparing       •  Intermediate     •  Finishing
Preparing Rolling Mill Stands varies according to the characteristic of the plant.
Cartridge type preparing stands (housingless mill stand) are used for continuous Rolling Mill Plants while trio preparing stands are used for classic Rolling mill projects. Intermediate and finish groups, such as the continuance with classic rolling mill stands, can also be continued with cartridge type horizontal and vertical stand range, where the project has trio preparing stands. Our Rolling Mill Stands have engineering, manufacturing and quality guarantee. Cartridge type stands (housingless mill stand) are manufactured according to present technology with computer aided machinery like our other products. Hydraulic clamp system can be optionally applied on the chassis connection for classic
     rolling         mill Hydraulic pusher can be added to fix the rolling axis during changing rolling pass
      which ensure   sliding the stand horizontally.
Rolling Mill Rolls that we use for rolling stands, in terms of material properties, passed all necessary tests and qualified for quality certifications and has all the documents needed. In addition to this rolls are calibrated with a great precision by our computer aided technology machines